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Fiduciary responsibility is not lost at Home Lending of America.  I’m as proud as I am disappointed in making the following statement:  “Our clients rest easy in knowing our first priority is in our fiduciary responsibility to them.”  I’m proud because I believe this is how business entrusted upon us should be addressed.  I’m disappointed because I continuously see this standard being lost in our industry.

I founded this mortgage brokerage in 2001; acting as its Broker of Record.  But, I continue to regard myself first as a Loan Consultant.  At my core, despite other wonderful things we like to do for our clients, I seek to understand our client’s wishes and consult with them regarding how best to meet their goals.  If it's in a borrower's best interest, we're happy to provide the best purchase or refinance loan available.  But, if for any reason a loan isn’t or shouldn’t be part of a person’s next step, we want to advise and support what is in their best interest.  In accomplishing this, these people become our clients now and one of our borrowers tomorrow and beyond.

We work hard to build and maintain lasting relationships.  The great majority of our business comes from repeat or referral clients.  We welcome the opportunity to serve you as well; and pledge to do so with integrity and value.

Sincerely, -Craig Rodgers (Loan Consultant, Broker of Record, Founder- Home Lending of America)

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